Sunday, January 12, 2014


This diabetic blogger creates the most delicious recipes.
And this one was no's my version.

Instead of raspberry jam, I just cooked some frozen raspberries in the microwave with a little xylitol.

 Me likes it a lot!
This was so delectable, especially with my homemade vanilla bean ice cream. I love that with a little imagination, diabetics can still eat decadent foods - just tweak the ingredients a little. I laugh when people ask me, "what do you eat if you can't eat carbs?" I eat really yummy food with only small amounts of carbs, and I absolutely do not miss my old eating style, in fact I cringe when I think of what I used to feed my family, thinking it was healthy.

Having some hiccups with diabetic alert dog training - I am running out of hypo samples because my son's blood glucose levels are so stable. A good problem to have I guess! Next hypo he will have to give me lots of samples. My new jogging trampoline also doubles as a doggy day bed. We have a little home gym now: weights, kettle weights, rowing machine and exercise bike. So no excuses at all for not exercising. Plus having to take the puppy for walks now.
 Maya loves soft toys. She always has one of the kid's old plushies with her. Here she is sleeping with a teddy my husband gave me for Valentines Day before we got married -a LONG time ago. She snoops around the house searching for soft toys, and when you look away for a second, she strikes and snatches it and takes off at the speed of lightening. She especially likes to sneak into my daughter's room looking for the hidden stash of Hello Kitty softies.
It's just like having a toddler in the house again.


  1. Oh thank god I found you on Trish's blob, Under Lock & Key. I have been diagnosed with borderline GD, so I have had to drastically change my diet. This looks so yummy. I will be following along to see what other delicious things I can make. When I do, I will share on my blog! So excited to begin cooking!

  2. Glad you like. There is so much yummy food you can cook no matter what health problems you have.