Friday, February 5, 2010



Kate Make up

A very healthy breakfast

Day 2 began with breakfast at Jean Francois, a French patisserie in Mark City Mall, which connected with our hotel. So many yummy options to try. After one day in Japan, we were already getting used to ordering our food in Japanese. There were a few Australians in there too.

This was our first attempt at catching the train. Shibuya train station is massive, but all signs were in English as well as Japanese. We worked out how to purchase tickets from the ticket machine - you can choose an English option on the screen. Simply insert your ticket in the turnstile and you're off. The trains seem to come about every 4 minutes at the most, so we never had to wait very long on the platform. Another great thing about the train stations is there are many fantastic shops as well. The trains are very clean, with heated seats for the wintertime. There is a small monitor above each door of the train telling you which station is coming up next and which door to exit from, so it's all very easy, even for a tourist.

Harajuku station is only a couple of stops away. We were headed for the famous KiddyLand toy store. On the way we walked past a pharmacy which had Kate make up on sale. I just had to buy some.
We then came across MUJI, a Japanese brand store selling clothes, homewares, makeup and stationery. All their products are very plain in neutral colours, but somehow still very appealling. I bought a scarf, some perspex containers, lip gloss, photo frames and photo folders.


  1. Yay for Kate makeup! I love Kate so much because of their ads with Mika Nakashima^^ And that bread looks so yummy! I love Japanese breads!

  2. I bought 2 Kate mascaras to hopefully last me until my next trip to Japan. Yes, the breads were very delicious.

  3. wow ... I love Muji stationary