Friday, February 5, 2010


Adorable softies

Look what I found. A Re-Ment Hina Matsuri set !!!! I love Hina Matsuri.

The world's biggest Rilakkuma

Tomy cars and Trains- a little boy's heaven.
Mameshiba - hilarious !!

I'm crazy about Re-Ment miniatures. So many varieties here.

What a cutie! Japanese babies are scrumptious.

I love this Capybara-san character

Hello Kitty crepe store attached to Kiddy land

KiddyLand is located on Jingu-mae, Shibuya-ku in Harajuku (see
It's about a 10 minute stroll from Harajuku station.

It is 6 floors of happiness for children (and their parents). There were also many Australians shopping here. It houses almost every type of Japanese toys. It was difficult to restrain oneself from purchasing too many toys. Thousands of adorable softies everywhere we turned. Lots of Gashapon machines on every floor. We bought lots of presents for the kids back home. Even though I am the mother of a teenager, I thoroughly enjoyed this store. Credit cards accepted.


  1. I love Kiddy Land, it takes all of my will power to walk out of there spending up 20$ haha! Thanks for sharing all the lovely photos

  2. Yay. KiddyLand is the sweetest toy store on earth ! We went there twice during our stay in Tokyo.