Friday, February 5, 2010


Sugar overload !!

These apples were as big as rockmelons.

My selection - yummalicious.

Excessive packaging - the box inclued an ice pack.
Such stylish counter displays.

It wouldn't be Japan without a cute bear cake or two.

The Tokyu Food Show is loacted in the Tokyu Department Store basement, otherwise known as a "depachika". It can also be accessed from the Shibuya train station. As it was next door to our hotel, it was a very convenient place to purchase food. One section is like a supermarket, but it seemed to sell mainly gormet food. The other section is a massive basement filled with food stalls selling any sort of food you could imagine. There was everything: sushi, bento boxes, vegetable dishes, Chinese, Thai, bakeries and lots of French pattiseries. The cakes were a sight to behold. All the stalls were so beautifully arranged. The Japanese definitely place a strong emphasis on visual appearances and presentation which I love. I would come to Tokyo just to eat from this store. For our first dinner in Tokyo we bought a little bit of everything and took it back to our hotel to eat. Every night we ate in our room, we also enjoyed hilarious Japanese game shows on TV. Have a look at these pics and drool.

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