Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Today we took a break from the city and visited a cute little town called Kawagoe. Have a look at their website www.koedo.or.jp
I chose this town as it is home to many old traditional shops and temples from the Edo period, 1603-1868. To get there from Tokyo, catch a train on the Tobu Tojo line from Ikebukuro. It only takes 30 minutes to get there.
I love old architecture and shops from days gone by. Kawagoe station is quite modern. There is a tourist bus which can take you into the traditonal part of town.

There were many lovely old shops, famous for their black facade. This type of architecture is known as "Kurazukuri". The shops were so quaint.

Shop selling incense items.

Kawagoe is reknown for its old fashioned sweets shops.

Look what I found! A chirimen shop.

In this store, a lady in a kimono sat on a tatami mat and sewed all the chirimen decorations. How sweet!

An old style hardware store.

The entrance to a Hina Doll shop.

I found this wonderful Hina doll shop, which was run by 3 generations - parents, daughter and grand daughter.

I decided to purchase a doll and as I was paying the daughter, the grandmother emerged from behind a curtain with this little cutie.

I gave her this toy wombat, which in turn prompted the grandfather to give me a gift also!

It's so lovely to meet the people who run these little family businesses.

I'd like to build one of these in my own garden.

Today was also Coming Of Age Day, which is celebrated the year you turn 20. This lovely young lady was at a temple for photos, and let me take a snap. We saw many 20 year old around town and in Tokyo in traditional dress.

The entrance to a lovely old temple.

A very lean Buddah!

I bought many nice souvenirs from this ceramics store. Of course, each one was beautifully wrapped individually which was great as they were gifts for folks back home.


  1. I think this is my favourite of your Japan posts-it looks so beautiful! I love the doll shop and the chirimen shop, the displays are so pretty and inviting.

  2. It was a really nice town to spend a day in.