Wednesday, February 24, 2010


A lovely young couple from our church were married last weekend. In keeping with my Japanese craft obsession, I made a Japanese teddy bear wedding couple.
I purchased the bears from Cram Cream in Tokyo, and I made the outfits from my collection of chirimen. I was very pleased with the result, and it was a little difficult to give them away, but I know they went to a good home !
And now for the official wedding photos......

My next gift was a challenge. I made a beaded wedding cake from a Beads Mania kit which I bought from Tokyu Hands. And yes, it was as inticate as it looks. But my motto when it comes to craft is ,"the more fiddly, the better!"

I packaged the cake in this round box which I bought from Itoya in Ginza.

I bought this gorgeous card from Loft.

And here's the gift box I created. I made the flower from tissue paper with a sparkly brad in the centre. The stickers were from Itoya.

I had alot of fun putting it all together.
And the bride and groom were beautiful. We all had a lovely day celebrating a marriage dedicated to God.


  1. The gifts are so lovely, I'm sure they really appreciated something handmade-I always think handmade gifts seem more heartfelt. And I love the pictures of the teddy bears with all the Rement items and under the tree, they made me giggle!