Friday, March 5, 2010


I don't have much to say about Akihabara, as by the time we arrived there at 6.30pm, things were starting to wind down. I just assummed this town would stay open until late, but the shops closed at 8.00pm, whereas in Shibuya, they shut at 9.00pm.
We had a nice meal at a cute little eatery. We purchased a ticket from a vending machine, selecting our meal, and then gave it to the cook. Withing minute, our meal was ready.

I only had time to visit LAOX, a duty free store, and purchased some cosmetics and green tea.

My husband bought me this beautiful doll.

I also purchased these biscuits and chocolates.

My husband also bought an Apple i-touch from an electronics store which luckily stayed open until 9.00pm. I found a cute little Sony TV which was incredibly slim and would have fitted in my handbag, but Japanese TVs are not compatible with Australia. Boo!
So that's it for Akihabara. If you intend on visiting, remember to go early.

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