Friday, March 12, 2010


I purchased the above items from Timeless Comfort in Jiyugaoka. They were having a huge sale - yay! It's a lovely zakka store, selling everything to decorate your home, as well as practical items, such as cookware. I couldn't resist this cuddly bunny.

The next store we shopped at was Actus Kids, a very trendy and stylish children's store. I purchased this whacky looking doll and cute fridge magnets.

Lots of wonderful wares (and expensive) for the modern and style conscious kid. By the way, Jiyugaoka seemed to be home to many young families - lots of mums with babies around town. One could definitely deck their child out nicely from this store.

Below Actus Kids was a delightful cafe called, Tokyo Sweets Factory. The name alone appealed to me. Have a look at the interesting decor.

My very low fat and sugar lunch ! It was worth it though.

The streets of Jiyugaoka had a very French feel. For some reason, Tokyoites love French thing, which I do too.

So, if you love zakka and French things, you will definitely enjoy a day strolling the streets of Jiyugaoka. It is is charming little town. I'll definitely return one day, as there were plenty of other zakka stores that I never had time to see. One word of advice, do alot of internet research and print out maps before you go - it will save you alot of time walking around in circles looking for the shops. Most signage was in Japanese only.

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  1. aaaww .. aaaww ... I am so ... wanna go there ... jealous ... !! :-D