Monday, March 15, 2010

Shibuya - "Irrashaimase!"

Shibuya is known as the party central of tokyo and is were all the trendy young tokyoites hangout. the centre of where you'll find all the action is "Centre-Gai" of just look for the Shibuya 109 building! which looks like this:

the first impression of 109 i had was a tiny japanese girl, one of the shop assistants, standing on a stool with a mega phone shouting "Irrashaimase!"(which means welcome , into a shop) in a really high pitch voice! whilst other shop assistants were dancing to the loud pumping Lady GaGa music! And i think the bright lights would give anyone a seizure! (So make sure you take some headache tablets!)

But i do highly reccomend it to young people as the clothes are at good prices. Shibuya 109 is also known as 'ichi-maru-kyu' which means "1-0-9" in japanese.

This is "Centre-Gai" one of the main action areas, also if you can see in the distance it's singer BENI on the billboard for department store 0I0I(maru city) i think shes a spokesperson for the stores.

This is Chiara a very popular shop in shibuya 109 which sells bling deco for your phone, ipod, camera or in this case your dressing table! it also sells phone charms, purses and hair accsessories. It's on the 5th floor.

It's BENI again! this was playing on a tv screen at Shibuya crossing. I hope this blog was interesting and helpful, I highly reccommend Shibuya, its overwhelming at first but its a great and exciting place to visit and all the people are very helpful!
I personally LOVED! Shibuya, all I can say is 'Irrashaimase!' :)

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  1. cant wait to go shibuya! i am gg to kyoto in Sep~! :)))) Will dance into Tokyo too! :))