Friday, March 19, 2010


Sadly, I have come to the last day of our holiday. Naturally, I shopped up until the last moment we had before heading off to the airport. A few metres from our hotel, Tokyu Excel, was the Tokyu Department store, which I did not discover until the hour before we left. From memory, the top floor of the store is devoted to all things traditional Japanese. All the stuff I love ! We just had time to do a quick scan around the floor, which was quite extensive.
There were many beautiful kimonos and accessories for sale.

I would have loved one of these little wooden temples, but as it turned out, we were 17 kg overweight with excess baggage.

This man appeared to sit here all day making brooms by hand, There were other craftspeople exhibiting their skills also.

And then I found the chirimen and doll section. I just had to buy one.

So don't forget to visit this department store if you are travelling through Shibuya. But, make sure you allow enough time to browse all the sections. This store also has a small branch of the Itoya paper store. It's next to the Shibuya train station, so you can't miss it.

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