Friday, March 5, 2010


Today was a girls only day. We headed off for a cute little town called Jiyugaoka. It is noteworthy for its zakka and French inspired stores. It is on the Tokyu Toyoko line from Shibuya.
Every tourist who visits Japan has to have a "Lost in Translation" moment, and today we had ours. I was looking for a little cluster of shops known as "Tranchi". I had printed out the details in Japanese and asked a few staff at the train station. Nobody knew what I was talking about, even though it turns out that Trainchi was only maybe 250 m from the station. Firsty, I needed to find some cash. As we exited the station I noticed a huge sign for Citibank, which has international ATMs. So we walked to the building where the sign was atop, but there was no Citibank in sight. I though maybe the sign said something such as "walk 200m to the right" so I took a photo of the sign and asked a few people, showing them the picture on my camera, but to no avail. I even asked a lady working in the Japan Tourism Centre, but she appeared not to even read Japanese at all ! So after an hour of walking around, I gave up and hoped that all the shops accepted credit card, and luckily they all did.
I firstly found this wonderful shop called "We Give A Lot Of Craft Goods For You" I can't give you exact directions, but it was down the hill on the left as you exit the station, and next to the Body Shop, which you can always smell a mile away. This shop sold all the things I love: chirimen products, stationery, greeting cards, hair accessories and plenty of homewares and decorations. I bought these sweet little Hina Matsuri items made from chirimen. I loves so many other things, but I had to restrain myself.

I finally found Trainchi.
It's down the hill, exiting left from the station and it's situated next to the train tracks - cross over the tracks and it should be on the right
The first store we entered was "Natural Plenty" It was filled with lovely zakka items. And the sales were on too, which was fortunate.

Everything I liked was either large or breakable, so I just purchased a few nick nacks.

More on Jiyugaoka next post.

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