Thursday, March 4, 2010


I loved Ginza. It's the posh part of town, with the priciest real estate in the world apparently. All the high end fashion and jewellery stores are found here. Everything looked very classy.First stop was the Hakuhinkan Toy Park

It's several stories high, with a Japanese restaurant on the top floor, patronised by business men - I thought that was funny.
It's quite similar to KiddyLand, but surprisingly, alot quieter. It sold the usual toys, but also featured some lovely Japanese souvenirs, such as: Japanese dolls, toiletries, New Year decorations and chirimen items.

The basement level housed a huge selection of dolls: Licca, Jenny and Barbie.

Some cute noddies.

I bought lots of these bath fragrances and hand towels.

New Years Decorations. I forgot to buy one of these - pooh!

Lots of cute characters.

These Licca dolls were from the Mos Burger range. How cute.

A lovely toy store, sure to please kids and parents alike. Credit cards are accepted.

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